Private Japanese teacher/language exchange partner in Tokyo,Kanagawa,yokohama,Saitama,Chiba.

online lesson

Online basic Japanese lesson

  • To learn Japanese more efficiently with private Japanese teachers / Language exchange partners, we recommend you our online basic Japanese lessons 1-40 below. These are very important to build up your Japanese skill.
  • You can select private online lessons or group online lessons.
  • After we accept your application at the bottom of this page, our staff asks you by email how many lessons and when you like to take and arrange a free trial lesson for you.

ServiceApplication feeonline lesson feecurriculum
private online lessons0 yen3,000yen(60minutes)student-made lessons or 1-40 lessons
group online lessons(2-5 students)0 yen2,000yen(60minutes)1-40 lessons
  • You are requested to pay lesson fees in advance. After you take a trail lesson, we request you to transfer lesson fees.
  • If you like to take 10 group online lessons, it costs 20,000yen.
  • If you cancel the lessons, we can refund you the rest of lesson fees.

Lesson Schedule(2017 August/September)

  • Private online lesson : you can talk with your teacher about lesson schedule.
  • Group online lesson : you need to select lessons from the schedule below.

August lesson schedule

September lesson schedule

Learning method

  • We think it is the most important for language learners to practice the language, so we would like our students to practice Japaense at lessons as much as posssible.
  • You can prepare for online lesson by checking free video lessons. After the lesson, you can try check test and make sure what you have learned.

online learning method

Before lesson

NoTargetLessonvideocheck test
1How to read Hiragana/Katakanaひらがな/カタカナ-
2how to count/day/month/year1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10-
3greeting/give responsesはじめまして/よろしくおねがいします/あいづち--
  • We recommend you check the video lesson 1 and 2 and 3 above before lessons below if you are not sure about Hiragana/katakana/number/greeting/responses in Japanese.

lesson curriculum1-40

NoTargetLessonvideocheck test
3noun sentence / there is~名詞文/~があります(います)/~は~にあります(います)--
4adjective group and form(present/past)(affirmative/negative)/like/goodい/な けいようし/現在と過去(肯定と否定)/すきです/上手です-
5adjective group and form(comparison/change)い/な けいようし/より~のほうが/~くなります-
6verb1(tense/particle)時制/行きます/来ます/帰ります/助詞 -
7verb2(tense/particle)時制/行きます/来ます/帰ります/助詞 -
8verb(3group and ta/masu/te/nai/jisyo/futsu form)3グループ/た/ます/て/ない/じしょ/ふつう形-
9Let's/shall we~ / want / want to~~ましょう/~ませんか/ほしいです/~たいです。-
10can~/conversation practice(self-introduction)~ができます/ことができます /かいわれんしゅう(自己紹介)-
NoTargetLessonvideocheck test
11have to/don't have to~~なければなりません/~なくてもいいです--
12could you~(request)/permission~てください/~てもいいです/~てはいけません-
17try not to do / as/try to do~ないようにしています/~たとおりに/~ていきます/てきます/てみます--
18Even if~/regret/preparation~ても/~のに/~てしまいます/~ておきます--
19without/with~なくて/~で/ ~て/~ないで--
NoTargetLessonvideocheck test
21I think that~~とおもいます--
22when~/present perfect~とき/~ところです/~ばかりです--
25In order to~~ために/~ようにします--
26explanation of noun~ているNは~です--
27how to use 『の』~のは/のが/のを/のに--
28look like/seem/hear~ようです/そうです--
NoTargetLessonvideocheck test
31too much/hard to do/over~すぎます/~にくいです/~ながら--
32conversation with friendsともだちかいわ--
33whether A or not B~かどうか/~か--
36intransitive/transitive verb~が~ています/あります--
38causative①強制、容認 、誘発、責任--
39volitional/non-volitional verbくします/にします--

Application form(online lesson)

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terms of use

  • Our service is to support each entry person find a Japanese teacher and language exchange partner(learning partner).

  • We(Learning Catchball) do not check each entry person's ID and do not take any responsibility for any troubles between you and your teacher/language exchange partner(learning partner).

  • We(Learning Catchball) can not be responsible for the truth of each entry information and the quality of each entry person's character(personality).

  • In case we(Learning Catchball) find your entry information is MLM business or false or illegal, we delete your entry.

  • In case you cause damage on learning-catchball,we(Learning Catchball) do demand payment to you.

  • In case you want to delete your entry information or withdraw from learning-catchball, please contact us soon.

  • We(Learning Catchball) revise these terms of use whenever we need.

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