Private Japanese teacher/language exchange partner in Tokyo,Kanagawa,yokohama,Saitama,Chiba.

Online Japanese lesson

Japanese learning services

  • Our Japanese learning services includes 3 services below.
Online lessonService A : Online Lesson / You can learn JLPT and general Japanese lesson on skype. With our unique curriculum, you can learn Japanese efficiently with fun
Service B : Speaking Check / You can check your Japanese speaking skill.You call the number we instruct and leave your speech about the topic. After we finish correcting your speech, we send you the corrected datespeaking check
Japanese teacher/language exchange partnerService C : Japanese Teacher/Language exchange/ We introduce you a private Japanese teacher/language exchange partner in your area. We have about 2,000 members around Tokyo,Kanagawa,Saitama,Chiba

Services fees

130,000online lesson 10 times + speaking check 1 time + Service C
260,000online lesson 20 times + speaking check 2 times + Service C
390,000online lesson 30 times + speaking check 3 times + Service C
  • ※Online lesson for 1 lesson is 60 minutes.


  • Please apply for our service through the application from at the bottom of this page.


  • We interview you in Japanese on skype or telephone and check how much your Japanese level is.

Step Ⅲ

  • You need to remit the sevice fees to our bank account.

Step Ⅳ

  • You start to learn Japanese with our services.

Application form(LCB service)

  • ※Red mark=Required

Name *
Occupation *
Nationality *
Target to learn Japanese *
Email address *
Skype ID
Japanese level
English level
  • ※After you fill in the blank,please click the 確 認 above.
  • ※After you click the 確 認 and check your information,please click the 送 信 .

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