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Level check service

Japanese speaking Levelcheck course

  • You can check your Japanese speaking skill through our serviecs below.

  • Speaking correction service

  • Speaking level check service

Speaking correction Service

  • StepⅠ:Please apply for this service through the appplication form at the bottom of this page.

  • Step:Ⅱ:After we receive your application, we tell you 5 topics about your target and the telephone number. Please select one topic and call the number and leave your speech about the topic you select.

  • StepⅢ:After we receive your speech, we tell you how much it costs to correct your speech.
    ※This service fees cost 1,500yen.
    ※You need to pay additional fees for corrections. 1 correction costs 100 yen.
    If there are 4 points which need to be corrected, then it costs 1,900yen(1,500yen + 400yen). If there are no points which need to be corrected, then it costs 1,500yen.

  • StepⅣ:After we make sure your remittance, we start to correct your speech. After we finish correcting your speech, we send you the corrected date(document data and voice date)

Sample of the Speaking correction

  • Please click the picture below and check which parts of the speech are not correct.


  • Yellow line means the Japanese is not correct.
    日本に来前は、日本人はとても親切ですと思いました。日本に来てから、あの考えは間違いありませんと感じました。 昨日、黒い財布なくしました。私の国すぐにあきらめますが、日本りました。お金もこのままありました。それから道が知らないときも、とても親切に教えます。日本人は本当に親切です。

corrected script

  • 日本に来る前は、日本人はとても親切だと思っていました。日本に来てから、その考えは間違いではなかったと感じました。 昨日、黒い財布をなくしました。私の国だったらすぐにあきらめますが、日本では戻ってきました。お金もそのままありました。それから道がわからないときも、とても親切に教えてくれます。日本人は本当に親切です。

②Speaking Level check service

[check]We make original level check video for your target.

  • StepⅠ:Apply for this service through the application form at the bottom of this page.

  • StepⅡ:We send you the sample Video of the Japanese speaking Levelcheck. If you have a question about it, please ask us.

  • StepⅢ:Please pay the Japanese speaking Levelcheck fee in advance.
    ※3,000 yen for one trial

  • StepⅣ:We send you the Japanese speaking Levelcheck video about your target and telephone number.

  • StepⅤ:Please call the number and answer the questions on video by telephone.

  • StepⅥ:After the Japanese speaking Levelcheck, we send you an evaluation paper of the Japanese speaking Levelcheck.

Sample of Japanese speaking Levelcheck

  • Please click the below picture if you like to check.

  • We evaluate your Japanese Pronuciation / Fluency / Grammar / Vocabulary / Explanation skill,Listening skill.


  • ScoreLevelJLPTScoreLevelJLPT
    50~60intermediateN30~10Entry level-

Application form(level check service)

  • ※Red mark=Required

service you apply for
Name *
Occupation *
Nationality *
Target to learn Japanese *
Email address *
Skype ID
Japanese level
English level
  • ※After you fill in the blank,please click the 確 認 above.
  • ※After you click the 確 認 and check your information,please click the 送 信 .

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