Private Japanese lessons with private Japanese teacher/language exchange partner in Tokyo,Kanagawa,yokohama,Saitama,Chiba.

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Entry NO23652 ★2017/4/19up

  • area
    Tokyo sumida-ku
  • sex 
  • age
    30years old~34years old
  • nationality
  • job
    English teacher
  • teach   
    Kansai dialect
  • learn   
    English conversation
    I want to be able to speak English fluently
    At cafe or online exchange are fine.
  • self-introduction
    I am teaching English everyday, but I have few opportunites to talk with Engish native speakers. I like teaching.
    I am 34 years old, English teacher for kids. I am English teacher and PR manager. I like reading books, sports,movie.
    I like both male and female partner with native English level who is eager to learn.
    I am available after 20:00 on weekdays and all days on weekends.
    I am fine between yoyogi and kinshityo on sobu line and between kudanshita and kinshityo on hanzomon line


Entry NO23645

  • area
    Tokyo hachioji
  • sex 
  • age
    30years old~34years old
  • nationality
  • job
  • teach   
    I like sake and Kimono.
    So,l can teach Japanese culture;)
  • learn   
    I'd like to mak foreigner friends.
    I'm interested in overseas culture and education.
  • self-introduction
    I'm curious and positive person.
    I love nature. I'm into scuba diving and tahitien dance.
    I am available from Hachioji to yokohama in the evening time on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday and at any time on Sunday/Monday.
    I like both male and female partner(28-40years old) with a native English level.


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AreaSexAgeJoblike to learnlike to teachprofilepicture
Tokyo sumida-kumale30-34English teacherEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo minato-kufemale25-29office workerEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo hachiojifemale30-34PsychologistEnglishJapanese
Tokyo nishitokyofemale35-39office workerEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo koto-kumale18-24studentEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo ota-kumale45-49office workerEnglishJapanese-
Kanagawa kawasakimale35-39executiveEnglishJapanese
Tokyo shinagawafemale30-34office workerEnglishJapanese-
Kanagawa kawasakimale40-44office workerEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo musashimurayamafemale45-49part-time jobEnglishJapanese-
Chiba ichikawafemale40-44office clerkEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo/tochigimale30-34office workerEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo hachiojifemale35-39housewifeEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo ota-kumale45-49worker(medical field)EnglishJapanese
Tokyo ota-kumale40-44office workerEnglishJapanese
Tokyo ota-kumale50-54office workerEnglishJapanese
Tokyo shinagawamale30-34manufacturer of medical equipmentEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo adachi-kufemale40-44office workerEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo katsushika-kumale25-29sales staffEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo setagaya-kufemale40-44yoga instructorEnglishJapanese-
Tokyo edogawa-kufemale45-49financial companyEnglishJapanese-

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