Private Japanese lessons with private Japanese teacher/language exchange partner in Tokyo,Kanagawa,yokohama,Saitama,Chiba.

Japanese teacher

Japanese teacher

  • We introduce you a private Japanese teacher who meets your request(lesson fees/area/time,etc). Please register on entry form at the bottom of this page.

  • We have 318 Japanese teachers(3/2017) registered who can teach you Japanese conversaion / JLPT / EJU / Business Japanese / Kanji / hiragana / katakana / Japanese culture around Tokyo/Kanagawa/Saitama/Chiba.

ServiceApplication feeIntroduction feeLesson fee
Japanese teacher0 yen3,000 yencharged

Video Message from Japanese teacher.

  • Please click the below picture if you like to check.

Step Ⅰ Entry

  • Please join us through the entry form at the bottom of this page.

  • Aftere we receive your entry, we ask you some questions about lesson fees you can afford to pay, lesson time you like by E-mail to introduce you a Japanese teacher.

Step Ⅱ Introduction ①&②

  • ①We introduce you Japanese teachers profile information by e-mail after we find a teacher who meets your requests. If you and the teacher get to agree with the lesson condition, we will forward the teacher's contact information to you.

  • we send you our Japanese teacher's list. If there are any teachers you like to contact, please tell us the teacher's No. After that we will check if the teacher can accept your request or not. If you and the teacher get to agree with the lesson condition, we will forward the teacher's contact information to you.
  • We regularly update the Japanese teacher's list.

Step Ⅲ Trial lesson

  • Please take a trial lesson and decide to take the teacher's lesson or not. If you decide to take the lesson, please talk with the teacher about the next lesson schedule.

  • If you decide to take the teacher's lesson after you take the teacher's trial lesson, we request you to pay 3,000yen as introduction fee. If you decide not to take the teacher's lesson, you are not requested to pay the introduction fee. In case you decide not to take, please tell us the reason. In reference to the reason, we will try to find another teacher.

Step Ⅳ Start to take lessons

  • Please pay the lesson fees directly to your teacher after lesson is over.

Update lists of Japanese teachers

Entry NO 072

  • area
    Kanagawa yokohama
  • sex 
  • age
    30years old~34years old
  • nationality
  • job
    office worker
  • lesson fees
    1,000 yen~ per an hour
  • Japanese teacher qualifcation
    She has been taking 420 hours Japanese teacher training course.
    I am teaching Japanese once a week at language school.
  • lesson
    Daily conversational Japanese
    business Japanese
    Japanese composition correction
  • self-introduction
    English : TOEIC800
    I can use 『Minnano Nihongo』.
    I can commnicate in English and can help to find a job.


Entry NO 071

  • area
    Tokyo sumida-ku
  • sex 
  • age
    30years old~34years old
  • nationality
  • job
    office worker
  • lesson fees
    2,000 yen~ per an hour
  • Japanese teacher qualifcation
    She has completed 420 hours Japanese teacher training course.
    She passed the Japanese teacher proficiency test.
  • lesson
    Daily conversational Japanese
    business Japanese
  • self-introduction :
    She has many years experiences to teach Japanese.
    English : Native level


  • If you like to get more information about Japanese teachers and contact Japanese teachers below, please click the profile No.
AreaAgeGenderQualificationexperienceLesson fee per an hourpictureProfile
Tokyo / Kanagawa30-34male1,500~-003
Tokyo musashino30-34female1,500~-004
Tokyo bunkyo-ku55-59male1,500~-006
Tokyo shinjyuku35-39female-1,000~-008
Kanagawa yokohama25-29female-1,500~009
Saitama fujimino30-34female2,000~012
Tokyo toshima-ku25-29female2,000~-013
Tokyo musashiurawa30-34female-3,000~-014
Tokyo shinjyuku18-24female-2,000~-015
Tokyo itabashiku45-49male1,000~-016
Tokyo nishitokyo35-39female-2,000~-017
Tokyo setagaya-ku35-39female1,500~-018
Kanagawa Kawasaki35-39female2,000~-019
Chiba urayasu50-54female2,500~-020
Tokyo sumida-ku30-34female--1,500~-021
Saitama asaka city55-59female-1,000~-022
Tokyo ota-ku25-29female-3,000~-023
Tokyo suginami-ku25-29male--1,000~-024
Kanagawa yokohama25-29female-3,000~-025
Tokyo shibuya30-34female2,000~-026
Saitama toda60~female3,000~-027
Kanagawa kawasaki60~female--3,000~-028
Kanagawa ebina25-29female--1,500~-029
Kanagawa zushi35-39male--1,000~-030
Tokyo sumida-ku35-39female--1,500~-031
Kanagawa yokohama50-54male-1,000~-032
Tokyo musashino30-34male1,500~-033
Chiba ichikawa18-24male--1,000~-034
Tokyo oume60~female2,500~-036
Tokyo fuchu18-24female-2,000~037
Kanagawa kawasaki55-59female-1,500~-038
Tokyo mitaka45-49female2,500~-040
Tokyo shinjyuku35-39female-2,000~-041
Saitama souka18-24female-2,000~042
Tokyo shinjyuku35-39male--1,000~-043
Tokyo suginami-ku25-29female-2,000~-044
Tokyo higashikoganei18-24female--1,000~-045
Tokyo minato-ku60-male3,000~-046
Saitama saitama city60-female1,500~-048
Tokyo ota-ku25-29male--1,000~050
Saitama sayama city30-34female--1,500~-051
Tokyo bunkyo-ku60-female3,000~-053
Kanagawa kawasaki55-59male-2,000~-054
Saitama saitama city30-34female1,000~-055
Kanagawa yokohama18-24female--1,000~-056
Tokyo suginami-ku25-29female-1,000~057
Tokyo chiyoda-ku18-24male--3,000~058
Tokyo shinagawa-ku30-34male-2,000~059
Kanagawa minami-ku25-29female--3,000~060
Saitama saitama city30-34female2,000~061
Tokyo shinjyuku60-female2,000~-062
Tokyo tama25-29female1,500~-063
Kanagawa zushi50-54female-2,000~-064
Kanagawa yokohama30-34female3,000~065
Tokyo setagaya-ku18-24female-2,000~-067
Tokyo ueno45-49female1,000~068
Tokyo koto-ku60-female1,500~-069
Tokyo bunkyo-ku30-34female-1,500~-070
Tokyo sumida-ku30-34female2,000~071
Kanagawa yokohama30-34female1,000~072

 Language exchange partner

  • We can also arrange a language exchange partner who meets your requests. You can learn Japanese conversation for free. In return you are requested to teach your language to your partner.

  • Our Japanese members are looking for a serious learning partner who can regularly meet and learn together.

  • If you like to improve your conversational Japanese skill, we recommend the language exchange system,too.

    ServiceApplication feeIntroduction feeLesson fee
    Language exchange partner introduction0 yen0 yen0 yen
  • Regarding the first partner, we can introduce for free. If you need more than one partner, then from the second partner you are requested to pay 3,000 yen as introduction fee.

Conditions for application for language exchange service?

  • Japanese members teach you Japanese for free. In return you need to teach your language to our Japanese members for free.

  • Japanese members expect to meet up partner regularly(example:once a week) and do the language exchange. You need to make time to meet up your partner regularly. You can make sure your partner's time schedule before we exchange your email address.

Entry form

  • ※Red mark=Required
  • ※address(area/city)=example:Tokyo Minato-ku
  • ※Ater you register, if you want to withdraw from us, please give us a contact by

What you want to learn
What you want to learn(detail)
What is your request about Japanese teacher
Do you like a language exchange partner
Japanese level
Email address(nonpublicity)*
Do you like to take a lesson on skype
Skype ID(option/nonpublicity)
Terms of use*

terms of use

  • Our service is to support each entry person find a Japanese teacher and language exchange partner(learning partner).

  • We(Learning Catchball) do not check each entry person's ID and do not take any responsibility for any troubles between you and your teacher/language exchange partner(learning partner).

  • We(Learning Catchball) can not be responsible for the truth of each entry information and the quality of each entry person's character(personality).

  • In case we(Learning Catchball) find your entry information is MLM business or false or illegal, we delete your entry.

  • In case you cause damage on learning-catchball,we(Learning Catchball) do demand payment to you.

  • In case you want to delete your entry information or withdraw from learning-catchball, please contact us soon.

  • We(Learning Catchball) revise these terms of use whenever we need.

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